How much does it cost to get picture framed?

How much does it cost to get picture custom sizes framed
Picture Frames in Custom Sizes

Q: I'm in Philadelphia, and would love a picture to be professionally framed as a gift to a friend. This photo of significant sentimental value to me and my friend, and I want to have them framed nicely. I'm wondering where to go and how much it will cost. I know it depends on the frame size, but I'm looking for a general frame price idea. I will only need special UV treatment. Anyone with ideas please let me know! Thanks

A: I can assure you that Philadelphia is not going to be cheaper than Maryland. There are a number of framing shops throughout the Philadelphia area. The problem with your question is that you do not give any information about the size of the image or even if it's been matted or not. My photography professor swears by buying her frames online. You might want to shop around for prices on different websites. I would recommend online store - Photoartomation Art Studio.
Art picture will be printed on a special heavy-weight professional satin paper typically used by museums or artist's canvas.
The surface is washable and is protected from UV light.
All world shipping
They would most likely be less expensive than a framing shop.

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